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Cox Applicators
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Single-comp Applicators
  Airflow I pneumatic
  Airflow II pneumatic
  Airflow 3 pneumatic
  Jetflow 3 pneumatic
  Easipower Plus Battery
  Electraflow Plus Battery
  Easiflow Manual
  Midiflow manual
  Powerflow Manual
  Ultraflow Manual
  Ultrapoin Manual
Dual-comp Applicators
  Pneumatic dual-comp
  Manual dual-comp
  Battery dual-comp
Cox Applicatiors

Sulzer Mixpac (UK) Ltd are the world's largest and most innovative manufacturer of hand-held sealant and adhesive applicators, supplying customers globally with a range of over 90 standard models.
Our user focussed product range includes applicators for both single and dual component sealants and adhesives.

Manual applicators
The ideal choice for professional and DIY users

Pneumatic applicators
Designed for high volume production where compressed air is available offering high productivity levels

Battery applicators
Cordless flexibility, energy efficient motors and capable of delivering even the most viscous of adhesives and sealants

Shenzhen Century M&E Co., Ltd. (SCME) is COX applicators products official authorized distributor in China, to provide consulting, purchase, accessories, maintenance and other comprehensive service support. More information please visit our COX products exclusive website www.scme.net.

COX Applicators
Single-component applicators Specifically designed for the professional or DIY enthusiast, this range of applicators which include manual, pneumatic and battery are built to enable you to undertake the most demanding of jobs with confidence and control right where you need it ? at your fingertips.

Dual-component applicators Complex dual-component reactive materials have become more widely used as material technology has developed. PC Cox has a complete range of over 60 applicators, both manual and pneumatic, from the smallest to the largest, to meet the needs of industry and to provide complete compatibility with all cartridge configurations.
Soloclamp PC Cox has long recognised the versatility of their basic design and standard trigger mechanism.
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