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Antistaic Plates
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Antistaic Plates
Antistatic PC Plate
Vinyl chloride of hard quality
Excellent Abrasion Resistance: 3H
Static dissipative Function: 106-108 Ohm
Superb Chemical Resistance
Fine Surface
Total Light Transmittance: 83%
UL-94: V-2

Color: Clear, Yellow-clear, Orange, Brown etc.
Physical Characteristic
Field Items ASTM Test conditions Unit PC
Basic optical Specific gravity D792     1.20
Total light transmittance D1003 5mm % 84
Haze D1003   % 0.9
Mechanical Tensile strength at brake D638   Mpa 71
Elongation at brake D638   % 115
Flexural strength D790 1/4"rod Mpa 88
Impact strength(charpy) D256 23℃, 1/8"notch KJ/m2 13
Rockwell hardness D785 M scale   76
Thermal Deflection temp (under loading) D648 1.82MPa 127
Thermal expansion coefficient D696   /℃ 5.2x10-5
Thermal cycle   (60℃x 6hours)x10cycles   No change
Electrical Surface resistivity D257   Ohm/m2 106-108
Volume resistivity D257   Ohm-cm >1015
Chemical resistance
Acetone   Evaluation  
IPA   after  
Hydrochloric acid(36%)   1 hr  
Nitric acid(60%)    
Sulfuric acid(97%)   Dropping  
Miscellaneous Water absorption D570 23℃*50%RH,24 hrs % 0.15
Pencil hardness D3363     HB
Steel wool test   #0000,200g,10times   Slightly scratched
Combustibility D635     Self-extinguishing
UL standard UL 94     V-2
Origin: Korea ※ The above information is typical values only and not for warranty purpose.
Product specifications  
Size:1000(W)X 2000(L)mm,1212(W)X 2424(L)mm
* Special color and specifications please contact with us.
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